We invite you to browse some of our recent case results to learn more about our past successes and how we have helped people in situations similar to yours.

  • Avoided Prison DWI

    Defendant charged with two different DWIs within a short period of time. Prior record included a felony DWI, making both new DWIs felonies. Successfully got defendant admitted into DWI Treatment Court where she achieved sobriety and avoided going to prison.

  • No Conviction Distribution of a Controlled Substance

    Defendant charged with the felony of Distribution of a Controlled Substance when he was stopped on the interstate with 50 pounds of marijuana in his vehicle. Issues raised on search and seizure, as well as a lengthy and successful sentencing hearing, resulted in the defendant receiving a suspended imposition of sentence probation resulting in no jail time and no conviction.

  • Case Dismissed DWI

    Driving while intoxicated charge successfully defended with the charge being dismissed prior to trial, as a result of showing significant discrepancies in the arresting officer’s report.

  • Case Dismissed Possession of a Controlled Substance

    Defendant, a previously convicted felon on drug charges, faced a new charge for Possession of a Controlled Substance. At the hearing on the Motion to Suppress, the testimony of the arresting officer was successfully contested, resulting in the charge being found to be without probable cause and the charges were dismissed.

  • Not Guilty First Degree Assault

    Defendant charged with First Degree Assault on a Police Officer. Defendant was shot in the arm by the officer during a struggle. Police officer alleged he was attacked by the defendant. Defendant alleged the officer unjustifiable struck him with his night stick, breaking his nose. Successfully used a ballistics expert and medical records to challenge the officer’s version of events. Following a weeklong jury trial, the defendant was found not guilty.

  • Case Dismissed DWI

    Defendant was stopped as he entered a park, resulting in a DWI charge, which defendant denied. Defendant refused to blow the breath test. Under cross examination at the motions hearing, the officer’s testimony failed to establish probable cause for the stop. DWI charge dismissed.

  • Not Guilty Verdict Felony Discharging of a Firearm

    Defendant charged with felony discharging of a firearm to threaten 4 alleged victims. Alleged victims were adjacent property owners with a history of disputes with the defendant. Cross-examination of each of the victim/witnesses, during a jury trial, exposed conflicting testimony. Defendant found not guilty by the jury.

  • Charges Dropped 5 Class A Felonies

    Defendant charged with 5 Class A felonies, each carrying up to a 30 year sentence, some requiring 85% of the sentence to be served before being eligible for parole. Defendant allegedly forced his way into a residence at gun point and beat the two male occupants. Defendant denied the allegations and claimed it was an argument over a woman. Successfully challenged the factual version of the alleged victims who became uncooperative witnesses. All charges dropped on the setting of the first day of the jury trial.

  • Not Guilty Verdict Sex Crime

    Defendant charged with a sex crime that would require registration as a sex offender. At jury trial the defendant testified, denying the allegations. The alleged victim’s version of events was successfully challenged on cross examination. Jury verdict of not guilty.

  • Amended Charges Domestic Assault First Degree

    Defendant charged with seven felonies, including A felonies of Kidnapping, Domestic Assault First Degree, and Armed Criminal Action, as well as weapons charges. Extensive investigation revealed serious issues with the version of events from the alleged victim, compounded by conflicting reports from multiple law enforcement agencies from differing jurisdictions. Defendant ultimately pled to amended charges resulting in probation.

  • Not Guilty Verdict Arson

    Defendant charged with Arson. Defendant observed by security guard leaving the business premises minutes before the fire was discovered. Successfully used an electrical engineer expert to show the probability of an electrical short causing the fire. Defendant found not guilty by the jury.

  • Penalty Reduced First Degree Murder

    Defendant charged with First Degree Murder in the death of his spouse by use of fentanyl patches. Possible mistrial on the first day of trial when a family member of the deceased attempted to attack the defendant in open court. Court bailiffs tackled and tased the attacker in full view of the jury. Defendant ultimately entered a plea to a lesser included charge.

  • Penalty Reduced Multiple Felony Charges

    Defendant charged with multiple A and B felonies, including First Degree Robbery (10 to 30 years), First Degree Assault, and Armed Criminal Action (minimun of 3 years and up to 30 years in prison), out of the events involving a shootout with two other individuals in a residential area. Multiple doorbell cameras recorded portions of the events. Investigation revealed enough issues to result in plea negotiations that allowed the defendant to serve less than two years.

  • Charges Dropped Felony Assault

    Convicted felon, having previously served prison time for a violent crime, charged with the A felony of First Degree Assault and Armed Criminal Action from events where defendant stabbed an individual in defendant’s apartment. Following an exhaustive investigation, discovery of witnesses, and depositions, all charges were dropped.

  • Penalty Reduced First Degree Robbery

    Youthful defendant charged with First Degree Robbery, requiring a sentence of 10 to 30 years with 85% to be served before being eligible for parole. The allegation involved physically assaulting another juvenile and forcible taking items of property from him. After a lengthy sentencing hearing, with the successful use of a counseling expert, the defendant was granted a suspended imposition of sentence probation, avoiding both prison and a conviction.

  • Penalty Reduced First Degree Murder

    Defendant charged with First Degree Murder for the stabbing death of his first cousin. The single stab wound to the heart occurred during a struggle between the defendant and the deceased victim. Self-defense was rejected by the jury, but the jury acquitted the defendant of murder in the first degree and convicted defendant of second degree murder, based on the “heat of passion” defense.

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